• Measures 3.5-5 inches tall

  • Price ranges from $25-45

  • Measures 6-8 inches tall 

  • Price ranges from $66-90

  • Measures 9-11 inches tall 

  • Price ranges from $100-200

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • There are lots of factors that play into the final size of an item. I've listed approximate sizes for this reason. Some yarns are thicker than others, which will create a slightly larger finished piece than an item made with a thinner yarn.

  • Prices vary depending on the complexity or material cost. An item covered in 'additional pieces' such as the Ice Cream design or Garden design will be more expensive than those without.

I do not do custom orders or commissions, I am sorry. 

I decided to add three more colorways to

How does shipping work?

It is a safe bet that all items listed in my shop that are made of yarn are MADE TO ORDER, on a rare occasion with a sale or new item you may receive your order in a very short time. However, for the sake of being transparent please expect roughly a 1-3 week turnaround time for me to create your item. (This does not reflect shipping times, only production time.)

*Large and JUMBO plush do tend to take longer, please be patient)*

Once your order ships you will receive an email from us with tracking information. YOU CAN ALSO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT FOR SHIPPING INFO.

Unfortunately as my items are all handmade, I cannot retain responsibility for items once they are turned over to the USPS. If you are concerned about lost or damaged mail please send me an email and we can discuss available options per the situation. Please be aware that there is not much that I can do for stolen or lost mail. If you would like to insure your package please let me know ASAP once your order is placed. 

WARNING: I do not work with people that present themselves as impatient or intentionally disregard listed information. If you repeatedly email me looking for updates or asking questions that are listed here, I will cancel and refund your order. 

Bothering insistently will not make your order ship faster. 

Orders canceled during the creation process are subject to material cost and processing fees. Please be patient.

Frequently asked questions:

Tracking number isn't active:

This could be a variety of things, but none of them are anything to worry about, it simply means that for whatever reason i have not taken your package to the post office yet. Please be patient, we do not go to the post office every day and sometimes not all the mail gets picked up.

**sometimes the post office does not scan every package so an item could be 3 states away before the tracking number shows something** 

I think something is wrong with my email/I want to make sure i didn't miss an email:

This drives me crazy please do not email me about this. - You will receive only two emails from us in regard to an individual order. This includes the confirmation with your receipt and a second with the tracking information.we *do not* send any kind of "status or order update" emails. I will only contact you if something is wrong with shipping information on your order.

**you can check both of these things from your account right here on our website, please do not waste our time looking this information up for you. We made it available here for a reason. 

Refunds and Order Cancellations:

We do not give refunds on delivered items, or items lost in the mail (we're sorry about that but its just as much a loss for us as it is for you when it happens and we are not responsible for the shortcomings of the usps, if you want to insure your packages please let us know ASAP after placing your order). 

Refunds requested after an item has been marked as shipped are subject to fees. We will happily refund you, however there will be a percentage removed for the shipping and material costs that have been spent preparing your order. This is our policy due to items in our shop being handmade. 

Orders may be cancelled at my discretion. I am not obligated to work with anyone we feel is being rude or hostile. Likewise if a cancellation should occur and a refund is not able to be processed I am not responsible for seeking other methods to complete that refund. I am doing the very best I can to make sure everything moves smoothly but please keep in mind, this is a one person show and I have a high volume of orders and customers at all times. I do my best to seek out appropriate resolutions to problems that arise but if you are not willing to work both ends with me I won't work with you.

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