October Movie Challenge

31 Days of your favorite movies! If you decide to participate please tag me in your Instagram posts so I can see! ;)

  1. A movie that you ONLY watch in October? Trick 'r Treat

  2. The first horror movie that you remember watching? Poltergeist

  3. Your favorite horror comedy? Tucker And Dale Vs Evil / Popcorn

  4. Your favorite alien/cryptid movie? Life / Darkest Hour

  5. A movie that scared you as a child? War Of The Worlds

  6. Your favorite ghost/paranormal movie? Beetlejuice

  7. A classic thats been remade where you prefer the original? Pet Sematary

  8. A classic thats been remade where you prefer the remake? The Fly / IT

  9. Your favorite slasher movie? Stage Fright (2014) / Behind The Mask

  10. Your favorite undead/zombie movie? Return Of The Living Dead

  11. Your favorite Stephen King movie/show? The Shining / 1408

  12. Your favorite foreign horror movie? Train To Busan / TAG (2015)

  13. A movie that scares(ed) you as an adult? As Above So Below / The Descent

  14. Your favorite Blumhouse movie? Truth Or Dare / Us

  15. Your favorite vampire movie? Vampire's Kiss / Queen Of The Damned

  16. Your favorite cheese/B (low-budget) movie? Bad Ben

  17. Your favorite doll movie? Dead Silence

  18. Your favorite horror anthology movie/show? Body Bags / The ABC's Of Death

  19. A movie by your favorite director? Crimson Peak / Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (Guillermo Del Toro)

  20. Your favorite horror Mock/Documentary? Butterfly Kisses / The Poughkeepsie Tapes

  21. Your favorite classic monster movie? Young Frankenstein / Monster Squad

  22. Your favorite haunting/house movie? Haunted Mansion

  23. Your favorite spooky animated movie? Monster House / The Black Cauldron

  24. A movie that you wish would get a remake? Season Of The Witch (Halloween 3)

  25. Your favorite Vincent Price movie? House On Haunted Hill / Comedy Of Terrors

  26. Your favorite clown movie? Killer Klowns From Outer Space / Clown

  27. Your favorite creature feature? Lavalantula / Crawl

  28. Your favorite disaster/apocalypse movie? Cloverfield Paradox

  29. Your favorite found footage movie? The Blair Witch Project / Afflicted

  30. Your favorite spooky TV show? Scream Queens / Bates Motel

  31. Your favorite gore-fest movie? Stitches / Murder Party

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