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This page houses pre-order listings. BE AWARE THAT THESE ARE PRE-ORDERS. Read the information provided. By purchasing a pre-order from my website you are ACCEPTING my terms and conditions. 


A pre-order is the act of ordering something in advance. The purchase of an item that is not yet available. 

Here is a breakdown of the PRE-ORDER process:

1. Pre-orders are made available for a period of time (often referred to as 'waves' when there are more than one pre-order periods run consecutively). 

2. Orders placed during a pre-order period are then collected and a purchase order is placed with the 3rd party manufacturer for those items. This process takes time.

3. Those items are then manufactured and prepared by the 3rd party and mailed to us upon completion. 

4. When those items are received by us, we then go through each item to sort and quality check everything. This process takes time. 

5. Once the items are all sorted and checked over, they are then pre-packed and prepared for shipment. This also takes time.

6. Each item is then packaged and labeled to then be dropped with the USPS within a few days. At this time if your item was packaged, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can also see this information in your purchase history in your GrimGrinningGoats member account. 

The manufacturing process is done by a 3rd party. This means GrimGrinningGoats is not handmaking these books. They are going through a professional printer to bring you the highest quality pattern book possible. 

If you struggle to wait for items that you've purchased we recommend waiting until there are books made available in our regular shop, left overs or scratch and dents are made available when we have them. Messaging us for updates is no longer accepted. We make public posts about updates when we have them. We reserve the right to cancel your pre-order purchase for any reason at any time prior to shipment. 

If you have any worries, trust issues, money concerns... anything, we recommend waiting until there are books made available in our regular shop.


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