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This listing is for the Handmade Amigurumi Doll pictured. This doll measures approx. 5" tall.


These dolls are designed and created by GrimGrinningGoats (Please do not copy or attempt to recreate our design. Patterns are published and Copyright protected).


Please keep out of reach of small children and pets. Small pieces/parts may not be suitable for the young or bitey. Cats have not yet complained, as far as we know our dolls are cat approved and safe.

Care: Spot wash only with a damp rag. Our dolls are not guarenteed to survive a trip through either a washing machine or a dryer. Please be gentle. Once you recieve your item, we are not responsible for any damage or trauma that may occur to your phillip while it is in your possession so take care!

Please do NOT try to trim or otherwise alter your doll in anyway, you can cause irreversable damage that may lead to an unnraveling. Do not try to remove the pentagram, the nose may also come unstitched. If you want a doll without a pentagram please let us know ASAP before we ship it so we can remove it for you.

*Allergy info: I use a heavy mixture of synthetic, polyester and acrylic yarns. I do not use natural fibers or any wool.

Ectoplasm Bat Doll

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