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Mana Crypt, A Dueling Card Game


Suitable for ages 10+

Games play for approx. 20 minutes.

2 players per deck (to add more players simply add more decks. 2 decks: 4 players)


Venture into the crypt, build a deck or use a community deck in this tcg style card game. Take turns spending mana to play cards that deal damage to your enemy! Mana Crypt is designed to provide a simple tcg experience without all the extra rules and complications. No tokens, dice or life counters needed.  Everything you need to play, comes in the box. Due to the nature of the game and the way that its played you're never going to have the same experience twice, no matter how many times you play! 


Kickstarter exclusive playmats, chaos cards and extras are not available. Sorry!

Mana Crypt Card Game

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