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Frequently Asked Questions



Please keep out of reach of small children and pets. Small pieces/parts may not be suitable for the young or bitey. Cats have not yet complained, as far as we know our dolls are cat approved and safe. 

Care: Spot wash only with a damp rag. Our dolls are not guaranteed to survive a trip through either a washing machine or a dryer. Please be gentle. Once you receive your item, we are not responsible for any damage or trauma that may occur to your Phillip while it is in your possession so take care!

Please do NOT try to trim or otherwise alter your doll in anyway, you can cause irreversible damage that may lead to an unraveling. Do not try to remove the pentagram, the nose may also come unstitched. If you want a doll without a pentagram please let us know ASAP before we ship it so we can remove it for you.

*Allergy info: I use a heavy mixture of synthetic, polyester and acrylic yarns. I do not use natural fibers or any wool.


We do not have customer service personnel employed with us at this time, so keep this in mind when reaching out to us with whatever issues you have, you may get short blunt responses (it is not meant to be rude, were just extremely busy). If you would like to speak with someone with a softer tone we suggest bringing your issues up with our office cat "Loaf". 


Make sure you write your log in information down and are logged in prior to any pattern purchases. Your "order history" will retain all of your pattern links. 



MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD YOUR PATTERN WHEN YOU RECIEVE THE EMAIL. PATTERN LINKS DO EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS. If your download link has expired FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM ON THE PATTERN SHOP PAGE (Also linked at the top of this FAQs section) - If you do not provide this information, we cannot look you up and will be unable to send you a new download link. This means you need to put your NAME and ORDER NUMBER in the form when you submit it. If you neglect to enter your name, you will not receive links.


We are available on IG, FB and via email to answer pattern questions. (@grimgrinninggoats) - I am not available to teach you how to crochet, if you are unsure how to do basic stitches please check YouTube for tutorials before reaching out for help.


If you cannot read our patterns due to the type face, you will need to let us know PRIOR to purchasing the pattern. The entire first page is available in the listing photos for you to view the format.


We regularly run pre-orders on new items coming through the shop. Pre-order items will usually have an estimated shipping date listed, but as with the nature of pre-orders, there may be delays. IF YOU CANNOT BE PATIENT DO NOT PREORDER ANYTHING FROM US. Delays do happen with manufacturing and we are doing the fulfillment process in house OURSELVES. (As in me, one person). Please be patient when pre-ordering through our shop, emails demanding updates will be met with blunt reply's or ignored. (You've been warned). "Checking in" on your order is an invalid request and will be ignored. You will receive an email with tracking information when your item ships... until it ships its not doing anything. There is nothing to "check in on". I reserve the right to cancel orders on people proving to be impatient or rude. 


We regularly post updates when we have them on our social media (FB is the best place to check). If you aren't seeing an update, there probably isn't one. Do not email us for updates. (NOTE: we are excited to post updates when we have them, you aren't accomplishing anything by emailing us for information we might not have posted). "CHECKING" ON YOUR ORDER WILL NOT MAKE IT SHIP FASTER. 

I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. I do not however, have any control over the cost of shipping internationally. Shipping rates are calculated automatically by weight per USPS rates.


We do NOT accept PayPal. My shop is powered by Square we accept all major credit/debit cards as well as AFTERPAY. If you live outside the US and are having trouble with your payment please be aware that there is nothing that I can do to help you, this is usually an issue with your bank or financial institution and has nothing to do with our store. AFTERPAY is not available for pattern purchases. 





You may add additional insurance to your packages. This will need to be discussed either prior to purchase or immediately after the purchase is made. Additional fees may apply. (We will invoice you for additional postage) We are NOT responsible for packages once they are in possession of the USPS. We cannot not be responsible for lost or stolen mail. Orders exceeding $300 will automatically come with insurance. 

We ship Ground Advantage and Priority via USPS. Every order includes a tracking number which you will receive via email when your label is printed (please keep in mind that when you get this email it does not mean that your order has/will ship that day). We ship on Thursdays and Fridays.


 PLEASE DO NOT email us about this. Please be patient. YOU ABSOLUTELY WILL RECIEVE AN EMAIL WITH TRACKING NUMBER INFORMATION WHEN IT IS AVAILBLE. IF YOU CANNOT BE PATIENT, we will cancel your order and ban you from our shop.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding your personal account here on our website: 

  • Be advised: Our pattern shop has DIFFERENT accounts than the main shop. These are two different websites. Make sure you are trying to log into the correct one.

  • "My orders have disappeared" -- No, orders don't just disappear. You've likely logged in with the wrong account information and have unknowingly created multiple accounts. (WE STRONGLY RECCOMEND WRITING YOUR LOG IN INFO DOWN TO AVOID THIS ISSUE). 

  • We cannot recover log in information, we do not have access to it. (sorry!)

  • "My wallet" does not work at this time because my shop runs through SQUARE and that is a Paypal feature. Sorry about it. 

  • We do not have the ability to move purchases from one account to another.

  • We do not have the ability to access or change any part of your member account. 

  • We can BAN members. And we do.


  • Due to the handmade nature and materials of our products we do not accept returns.

  • Pre-Order items: You are committing to help fund a project by pre-ordering items from our shop. Refunds, Returns and exchanges are NOT available for pre-order items. 

  • Refunds on fulfilled orders are only given if an item is shipped back to us as the result of a undeliverable address. However, you will not receive a refund on any shipping & transaction costs. It is not our responsibility to make sure the address that you provided us is correct. Refunds will be processed once the item is back in our possession, refunds take 5-10 business days to process and show in your account.

  • An order may only be canceled for the first 48 hours after payment is processed. 

  • Return payments & REFUNDS will be processed minus our transaction fees. Please keep this in mind when requesting a refund. You will not be refunded the full total.

  • We are not responsible for lost packages. We have no control over the USPS and what happens to packages when they leave our hands. 

  • Patterns are absolutely non refundable. We also cannot do exchanges on digital products. This includes patterns purchased by mistake. Once the digital item is delivered to you we cannot get that back, therefore we cannot refund you. Please be careful when checking out that you aren't purchasing duplicates.

  • Due to an individual named Rafael we are now requiring you to verify your address at checkout. You will also now need to "accept" our terms and conditions highlighting that we are not responsible for your mail if you give us the wrong address when you checkout. Its not our job to verify YOUR address. 

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