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Just for fun I thought I'd do a little compliation of movies and prompt challenges that anyone who wants to, could participate in. The Christmas mood seems to have missed me this year and I dont think im alone... so maybe this will help a little keep my/our minds busy. Feel free to share pics here in the comments or tag me on social media. Do only the days you have time for, this is not meant to stress anyone out.

DEC 13: Goat theme: Peppermint // Movie: Elf

DEC 14: Goat theme: Elf // Movie: A Muppets Chrismas Carol

DEC 15: Goat theme: Snowflakes // Movie: Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

DEC 16: Goat theme: Ugly Sweater // Movie: Krampus (horror)

DEC 17: Goat theme: Reindeer // Movie: The Grinch (any version)

DEC 18: Goat theme: Candles // Movie: Santa Clause is Comin' to Town (1970)

DEC 19: Goat theme: Christmas Lights // Movie: Home Alone

DEC 20: Goat theme: Hot cocoa // Movie: Violent Night (horror)

DEC 21: Goat theme: Snowman // Movie: Christmas Vacation

DEC 22: Goat theme: The Grinch // Movie: The Polar Express

DEC 23: Goat theme: Fire & Ice // Movie: Edward Scissorhands

DEC 24: Merry Christmas <3 Please relax and enjoy some time to yourself or with your loved ones! Give your kitties boops for us! We love you all!

USE THE CODE: GOATMAS for 40% off on patterns until the 26th

Dont forget to make yourself a Christmas Pickle with my free pepe the pickle pattern! Quick and Easy... fun to throw at people.

SHIPPING UPDATE: (AS OF DEC 11) all pre-ordered PAPERBACK copies have shipped. -- Spiral copies are continuning to ship, I will be placing another print order shortly so I've reactivated the PRE-ORDER listing for anyone who missed out. (THIS LISTING ALLOWS FOR INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES - please keep in mind that I have nothing to do with the fact that shipping outside the US costs more than the book.... you dont need to come tell me about it, thx). ALSO in regards to this pre-order, as weve established with the printer ... ship-by dates are apparently a SUGGESTION and they dont care ... so I bumped the estimated shipping date out to accomodate this... It is likely they will ship sooner, this is so that I dont have people messaging me every 10 minutes. This is the LAST pre-order round before my attention shifts to the next book. So dont sleep on it <3

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