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Ralph Mouth Mug Rug (FREE crochet coaster pattern)

You will need:

  • Green & Pink yarn

  • 4mm hook

  • Scissors

Abbreviations used:

  • CH - Chain

  • ST(s) - Stitches

  • SL ST - Slip Stitch

  • RND - Round

  • SC - Single Crochet

  • 2 SC - Single Crochet Increase

  • CC - Color Change


  • If you would prefer to use the magic ring, start with 8 sts.

  • Make sure you are crocheting over your tails so you don't have to sew them in later ;)


Starting with pink yarn:

  • CH 4, SL ST to connect ring.

  • RND 1: 2 SC in each ST on the ring (8 sts) - crocheting over your tail will allow you to pull your STs tighter at the end of this RND.

  • RND 2: 2 SC in each st (16 sts)

  • RND 3: (SC, 2 SC) repeat for RND (24 sts)

  • RND 4: (SC, 2 SC) repeat for RND (36 sts)

  • RND 5: SC in each ST (36 sts)

  • RND 6: (SC 2, 2 SC) repeat for RND (48 sts)

  • RND 7: CC to green. SC in each ST (48 sts)

  • RND 8: TEEFS: CH 5, Turn, skip the first loop on the CH, HDC in each ST on the CH (4 HDC) SC into the base of the CH AND the next ST. SC 3 into RND. Repeat for RND. SL ST into the bottom of the first toof to tie off, sew in your tail. (you should have 12 teefs).

Block as needed or as desired :) Enjoy :)

(RNDS 1-6)

(RNDS 7-8, CH 5)

(Securing the toof to the RND, SC through both marked sts)

(SC 3 in between each toof)

all done :)

4 Kommentare

Sherrie Zwahr
Sherrie Zwahr
2 days ago

Too cute thank you

Gefällt mir

This is adorable! Thank you!💋💋

Gefällt mir

You are awesome! Thanks

Gefällt mir

CUTE! Thank you for thus! I can't wait to whip these up!

Gefällt mir
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